Monday, January 14, 2013

The Targeted Learning Centre or TLC room is where you will find the team that works with children on specialised programmes.  Our room is tucked away between rooms 18 and 19. 

 Special Needs Programmes:

Whilst our programmes are motivated by need, there is an attempt to spread the teacher resource evenly through out the school over the year.   As the new entrants often require time to transition into school, it is more likely their support will be later in the year.   Programmes are planned in cycles of daily sessions, 3- 4 times a week for 5 weeks or so.  This allows for 2 cycles a term, ensuring a greater number of children to be covered.

Programmes may include literacy, numeracy, social skills, increasing self esteem, oral language skills and motor skills (ACTION +).


ACTION + has been designed by an occupational therapist to recognise when the basic gross and fine motor skills needed for the fundamentals of learning are delayed or absent.  The Teacher assistants have been specifically trained to assess and run support programmes both in and out of class.

Identification of children

Using our assessment procedures we can target those children that require immediate support and put programmes in place.  If programmes are not working we look for other agencies/programmes that may cater to their needs

Systems of referral

The classroom teacher will initially respond to the learning needs of the students  through their classroom programme which may involve some remedial or differentiation of classroom work.  The SENCO will also support the classroom teacher with programme suggestions and resources should they be required.  

If limited progress is made, the classroom teacher will then make a referral to the SENCO.  Although it is our hope to provide support for the child as soon as possible, this may depend on the number of children in existing programmes.

At times we may need to refer a child to an outside agency for further support such as speech & language, physiotherapy, resource teacher of learning & behaviour  etc.  This process is never taken lightly and will ALWAYS be discussed with parents or caregivers first.  Please note that although a referral may be made, this does not signify that it will be accepted.  

We are most happy for you to come and talk to us with regards to any issues you might have regarding the learning needs of your child, however please consult your child's teacher initially.  As I am also teaching groups of children, an appointment would be beneficial to ensure you do not have a wasted trip.

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